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Carole Cianelli - Owner

Carole has had a lifelong love affair with the arts and a strong dedication to her family. She began her professional life as a Musical Theatre performer in NYC, where she had a successful career kicking up her heels for 15 years. Her love for the arts drew her to Wisconsin in 2003, and she spent more than a decade teaching various theatre classes and private voice lessons in high schools and colleges.

Carole’s love of the arts expanded when she opened her first Renaissance Faire Shop in 2005. It was an adorable shop filled with needle-felted creations! Carole’s beloved dad was a pipe smoker. Watching him go through the meditative process of packing and lighting his pipe and smelling the delicious, room notes of his tobacco helped her to see the seductive and soothing aspects of pipe smoking rituals and routines. In 2010, the first Danny Boy Pipe Shoppe was opened at the Bristol Renaissance Faire and that's where the magic began!

In 2015, as her loyal community grew, she began expanding DBP across the country, beginning in Southern & Northern California then quickly picking up Georgia and Arizona. Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Massachusetts came next and the expansion continues today.  Danny Boy Pipes participates in 15 events at 12 different Renaissance Festivals with more added every year!


Taking care of the DBP loyal customer base is Carole’s number one priority. She loves being 'The Pipe Wench'! Carole travels around the country to keep her finger on the pulse of running the shops.  Getting to know and becoming friends with DBP’s many fans and pipe club members is one of her greatest joys.  

~The Danny Boy Pipes Team~


Jamie Cheatham
"The Eye Candy"

Sign Painter / MacGyver Man ~ Building Renovator ~

The man behind the wench! Jamie is an Associate Professor of Theatre at Marquette University in WI where he is the Head of Acting and Artistic Director.  He is a nationally recognized fight director with the Society of American Fight Directors, and has worked professionally in the theatre regionally and on Broadway. Jamie was recruited by his wife to make dolls (by stabbing wool) in the doll shop that later became Danny Boy Pipes.  Once the pipe shop began, his hands were much happier.  He has worked as a hawker and gopher at several shops, and is the "sign painter extraodinaire" for the entire organization.


Hayes Cheatham
"The Original Danny Boy"

~ Legal Advisor ~

Hayes got his start in the Ren-Faire world as a young man, at the age of 11. He began his career hawking and walking the parades, hoisting signs, and hailing the Queen.  He soon grew to his full potential, and began working the sales counter.  He was the Dragon Raffle model at the end of every day.  He stood in the street, full of melancholy, and accepted a good deal of harassment from the crowds. By his sophomore year of High School, he was done with the doll shop.  Hayes worked the first Danny Boy Pipes shop in Bristol and a season has yet to pass without him working at least one weekend a year. Summers home from college and weekend trips home from Chicago, he always helps out his mom, TPW, when the need arises.  Hayes is now an Employment Lawyer in Chicago, but the Pipe Shop and Wench are near and dear to his heart.


Alison Sullivan

Director of People and Culture ~

Alison Sullivan LCSW, CMHIMP, CCTP, is an award winning Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the state of Virginia with over 20 years of clinical experience. She began building her integrative mental health practice in 2011 after her own health crisis because she experienced first hand the negative impact caused by a lack of integrative therapists and healthcare professionals on health and healing. Alison believes in the value of lifelong learning; she holds additional certifications in Hypnosis, Integrative Medicine for Mental Health and Trauma. In addition to a full caseload of clients, Alison is involved in a range of corporate and community work that centers on people, culture and systems. Most recently, joining Danny Boy Pipes as their Director of People and Culture. She is a regular guest on other health related podcasts and radio shows regionally. When she’s not at work you can find her in the woods with her dog, Daisy Duke, in her flower garden, on the river on her paddleboard or on her yoga mat.


Alareece Di Andrea

~ Art Director / Brand Executive  Media Designer ~

Alareece is the resident artist and technical director of the team. She is an Animation Artist, Painter, Photographer, Editor, and Digital Creator by trade in Los Angeles; her vision of the Danny Boy Pipes Brand extends far beyond the website and social media to include print marketing, content creation, photo editing, brand design, and all visual media. Alareece’s love of the Renaissance Faire brought her to the team, but her unwavering belief in the heart and soul of the company, a female-led small business, and the devotion to hand-made artisanal craft has kept her a vital team member. She is dedicated to making everything we are a part of, beautiful.


"The Pipe Pug"

The Pipe Wench's Other Son ~

Hank is usually seen hanging around the shoppe and sniffing around. It’s considered lucky to get a pipe with one of his hairs on it!


Colin Cary
"The Cusband"


Festival Sales Manager GARF~

~ Operations Manager ~

~ Pre-Faire Inventory Manager ~


Colin was born and raised in Beaver falls, PA.  He began his work life as a DJ at Studebaker’s.  He relocated to Northern Virginia, where he met his wife Stephanie, TPW’s cousin.  A move to Georgia fulfilled Colin’s lifelong love of movies, theatrics, warm weather, and PIPES! In a serendipitous move, Carole opened a DBP location at the GA Renaissance Festival, and Colin was the perfect person to manage the shop.  Colin is a much loved staple at the GA Faire, and is equally adored by pipe fans far and wide for his online presence with the shop. When Colin is not devoting time to DBP, he works on movies sets as an extra and precision driver, and he owns a movie touring company.


Benjamin Tait

~ Festival Sales Manager ~
The Pipe Kid

Benjamin "Bean" Tait has been working for Danny Boy Pipes since 2017. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Ben has loved being able to visit many places around the country, and enjoys his unconventional work life. Traveling across the United States, Ben has worked five different faires so far in his pipe career, recently expanding to full time status with the team in the 2024 season! He has a passion for customer connection and making sure everyone feels comfortable, informed, and included. When he's not working, he enjoys exploring new spaces and spending time with loved ones.


Kyle Travis
"The Pipe Master"

Festival Sales Manager ~


~ Onsite Event Coordinator ~


Kyle was raised in the deep south where he discovered a passion for theatre. After high school, he studied and worked in theatre into his late 20's. Kyle was instrumental in opening the first Danny Boy shop at the Ohio Renaissance Festival, which he managed for 2 years. Kyle dove into opening the first DBP shop with Carole. After Arizona, Kyle worked closely with Carole, opening shops in CA, PA, MN, NC, LA, CO, and TX. Kyle travels approximately 240 days a year and 10,500 miles, setting up, closing down, and running Danny Boy Pipes shops.


Mallory Mazurek

Assistant Pipe Wench ~

Customer Service

Website Order Fulfillment

Inventory Management / Faire Prep

Mallory has a degree in Biology and a minor in Photography from the University of WI, La Crosse. Mal joined the DBP team at the MN Renaissance Festival in 2021. She worked at the Hookah Shop, the Cigar Shop, AND the Pipe Shop, proving to be invaluable!  In 2022, Mallory began working in the DBP office. assisting TPW with all things faire related. Mal, owns her own business, and is an avid animal lover.  In her free time, you can find Mal roaming the woods or working on various craft projects.

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Danny Boy Pipe Shoppes have sprung up all over the United States, and we have been delighted to grow our community throughout so many different Renaissance Faires!

Our knowledgeable, friendly team shares our love of tobacco pipes, artistry, and joy of a beautiful smoke with fairgoers all over!  


We have attended the following faires throughout the years, including the Florida Renaissance Festival, Bay Area Renaissance Festival, The Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire, Georgia Renaissance Festival,  Arizona Renaissance Festival, Colorado Renaissance Festival, Bristol Renaissance Faire, Carolina Renaissance Festival, Ohio Renaissance Festival, Great Lakes Medieval Faire, Texas Renaissance Festival, and the Minnesota Renaissance Festival.

Additionally, we have been seen around town at King Richard's Faire, the Northern California Faire, Nottingham Festival, Asheville Viking Festival, Louisiana Renaissance Festival, Southern Christmas Show and The Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire.  

We hope to pipe it up at a festival near you soon! 

Please note: Our Faire schedule changes yearly!! 

For the most up-to-date schedule, visit our Faire Locations and Dates page.

We are a family company.

Our number one priority is customer service and making your pipe dreams come true!

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