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care & Maintenance
  • What are the dates of your Renaissance Faires?
    Please see our web page for Faire locations and dates Danny Boy Pipes will be attending. Click on the link below! ⬇️ Faire Locations & Dates
  • Where can I buy your tobacco?
    Danny Boy Pipes is happy to be partnered with Uhle's Tobacco in Milwaukee, WI. Liberty Tobacco in San Diego, CA. The Wharf in Cincinnati, OH. Pipes and Cigars of Bethlehem, PA. Tinder Box of Charlotte, N.C. Please check out their websites and our favorite blends sold there. Danny Boy Pipes are for tobacco use only. Christmas Blend 2011 Black Stoker Par Shooter Irish Aromatic Wild Cherry Big Dipper Bishop's Move Black Maui Bue Note Proper English Busters Night's Watch = First Watch Danny Boy = Indescribable Blackberry Bramble = Blackberry Brandy Old Toby = Autumn Evening Highlander = Scottish Whiskey Longbottom Leaf = Light English Cherry Dream = Dark Red Kilted = An equal blend of Toasted Cavendish and Nutty Irishman 1Q (Danny Boy) Cremé Brulé Butter Pecan Buttered Rum Peaches & Cream Very Cherry Black Latakia Black Raspberry French Vanilla Tinder Box Cigars
  • What are some general care and maintenance tips for my new pipe?
    #1 Rule Never Bang Out Your Bowl Breaking in a new pipe is a simple process that will ensure it smokes well for its entire lifetime. First, smoke a couple of bowls only one- quarter full. Next, smoke half full bowls a couple of times. Finally, you may begin to smoke full bowls. This process ensures the proper start of a cake. This allows small parts of the wood to expand and contract, in effect, settling the wood into a comfortable place to prevent too much thermal stress on the bowl. Packing Use the 3-Layer Method! Trickle tobacco into the bowl lightly until almost full then tamp gently. Fill the tobacco loosely again to the top, then tamp it down again with a little more firmness. The tobacco should feel springy and you should easily be able to draw through the pipe as if sipping on a straw. Finally, fill it once more so it is slightly over the top of the bowl. Tamp it again so it is even with the rim of the bowl and do a test draw. You are ready to light! Light your pipe with a soft flame using matches or pipe lighter. NEVER use a torch flame! First lighting of the pipe will be the charring light, or false light. Move the flame in a circular motion around the entire surface of the tobacco. While doing this, take a series of shallow puffs (DO NOT inhale the smoke). Allow this light to go out, and gently tamp down pack even with the bowl. Now that you have charred the top of the tobacco you are ready to light again. Re-light your pipe and move the flame in a circular motion around the entire surface of the tobacco while taking smooth puffs on the pipe. Sit back and enjoy. You may need to re-light , it's ok! It takes some practice to pack and light your pipe. Cake is a carbon deposit from the combustion of the tobacco It provides protection for the bowl and it enhances the flavor of the tobacco. It increases in thickness with each bowl smoked, creating layers of carbon. The optimal thickness is for a cake is 1/16th of an inch, or the thickness of a dime. You want to maintain your cake at no more than1/16th, otherwise it can overtake the bowl and split it. If the cake is getting too thick, simply use a pipe tool to gently scrape away at the cake to get it back down to the thickness of a dime. Precarbonization is a black coating some pipe makers add to the inner wall of the bowl. It allows for a faster "break in" process than a naked bowl. There is no quality difference on the way pipes smoke if they are pre-carbonized. Special Instructions: MacQueen Pipes Company recommends that you leave a little tobacco at the bottom of your pipe and not smoke it right down to the bottom of the bowl. This will avoid burning the bottom of your bowl. It is better to waste a little tobacco than to burn your pipe. After smoking, separate the stem from the bowl and blow through the stem. Handmade Ukrainian Pipes It is recommended that once your pipe is cool, if you are not going to clean it, do not let the stem sit in the bowl after being smoked for long periods otherwise you may have stem snapping issues from the resin sticking to the wood. Keep your stem separated until you clean your pipe.
  • How do I take advantage of the 6 mo. warranty on a broken pipe?
    This warranty is on manufacturer defects only within the first 6 months of purchase. Warranty does NOT cover Ukrainian, ceramic, clay, meerschaum, glass, and porcelain pipes. Proof of purchase is required. Fill out the submission form below completely. ⬇️⬇️⬇️ 6 Mo. Warranty Submission Form My broken pipe does not fall under warranty, but I would still like some help replacing a bowl or stem. Fill out the submission form below completely. ⬇️⬇️⬇️ Replacement Part Submission Form
  • How do I clean my pipe?
    A well maintained smoking pipe will last a lifetime. Wait for your pipe to cool before cleaning it. Carefully separate the bowl from the stem. Blow forcefully into the stem clearing air passage. Next, send a pipe cleaner through the stem and through the bowl. Use several cleaners if needed.
  • How do I pack and light my pipe?
    How do I pack my pipe? Smoke half bowls for the first few smokes. This ensures you start the cake at the bottom of the bowl, and the cake will work its way up the briar walls evenly. There are 2 principals vital for any packing method to work. The tobacco at the bottom of the bowl has to allow for free airflow. The tobacco at the top has to be packed firmly enough to stay lit. The 3 layer method: Take a pinch of tobacco, drop it into the bowl and press it LIGHTLY. Take a 2nd pinch, drop it into the bowl, and press with a medium firmness. Take your 3rd pinch, drop it into the bowl, and press firmly. The old saying goes... 1. Hand of a child 2. Hand of a lady 3. Hand of a man How do I light my pipe? Once your bowl is packed, pull some air through the pipe so you know you haven't blocked the air passage. Light the bowl in a circular motion. Don’t take short quick puffs. Take long even pulls to light the tobacco evenly. Tobacco has a tendency to expand and rise after you light it. Push the lit section of tobacco down to give the unlit section a chance to catch. After doing this, you will re-light your pipe quickly. This is called tamping your pipe. You will find that it helps your pipe stay lit easily.
  • How do I maintain the cake in the bowl?
    The heat of the freshly smoked pipe allows for the cake to soften making it easy to scrape out what you don’t need. You want to keep your cake roughly 1/16" thick (like a dime.) If the cake is thicker than that, it can expand and crack the bowl while you are smoking it. Maintain the correct thickness by scraping out your bowl with a pipe tool or small pocket knife when you feel the cake is getting too thick. Careful not to scrape out all of your cake! Depending on how often you smoke your pipe you may need to do this only once every couple of weeks.
  • How do I ensure my pipe lasts?
    Do not take quick short puffs of the pipe. It increases the heat of the burn. Do not let you pipe get so hot that you cannot comfortably hold it against your cheek. Try to keep your pipe from getting wet. Many of our pipes have a Carnauba wax finish, and the wood is not sealed so it is able to breath. This wax can be damaged by water. Clean your pipe after every smoke! Wait 2 hours before separating the mouthpiece from the bowl after smoking your pipe. You can break your pipe if you remove it immediately. When removing your stem from your bowl, grasp the stem close to the bowl and twist. Do not twist from the top of the stem. Don’t bang out your bowl. Scoop out your ash.
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